Only 2% of the people in this world actually live out their purpose... 

In this age of outsourcing, downsizing, government shutdowns, and general job insecurity, having additional income streams is a must.  Many who decide to add income streams pick them based on income potential alone.  What if you could monetize your God given purpose? Monetizing your purpose provides you the focus you need to endure the ups and downs, attract the clients best for what you do at premium prices, and realize the lifestyle you want.

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Lexi jones is an international speaker, best selling author, business coach & profit strategist helping women service based business owners to shift their economy and create the life they want.

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""#WIN I got my first paid tax planning client today. What makes this great is, I never thought about my purpose before joining this group. I usually only do tax preparation during this season and now i have opened the door to multiple opportunities and income by taking time to define my purpose and goals for my business.""

T. Burkley
Burkley Tax Solutions

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